Beautiful upcycled furniture and accessories in a shabby chic style which will add a touch of class to any home

The  ‘shabby chic’  style originated in Great Britain and evokes  memories of  faded chintz curtains, old paintwork, and non-pretentious good taste which provided welcome relief from the heavy, over-elaborate Victorian decor of the same period.   Influences from the American Shakers and 18th Century Swedish decor have made the style what it is today – instantly recognisable through vintage styles and  simple, pale colour schemes. Traditionally, the look came from layer upon layer of paint, which became worn over the years on furniture , and pretty floral  fabrics which became faded through exposure to sunlight. To achieve the same today, furniture and accessories are treated with a variety of methods to achieve a high quality, authentic ‘not-so-shabby’ shabby chic look. The term ‘shabby chic’ is often abused and  used to describe nothing more than a quick coat of paint over  wooden furniture, but to achieve a quality effect the process is far more comprehensive so it may be enjoyed for many years to come……

• Only good quality, solid wood  furniture is selected for refurbishment
•Pieces are all thoroughly cleaned and prepared prior to painting
•Only fine quality paints and fabrics are used to enhance the pieces
•Pieces are then finished with high quality beeswax or varnish for added protection. Imperfections from general age or wear and tear may exist, and in some cases may be highlighted to add to the overall look of the piece, but will not affect the function for which it was designed.

(Last updated: Thursday, January 12, 2017 )